Activity Against Toxins

Plant phenolic compounds have also been suggested to provide a means for preventing the adverse affects that fungal toxins (mycotoxins) have on human health as well as serving in their detoxification (Beekrum et al., 2003). These authors investigated the impact of the plant phenolic compounds chlorophorin (4-homogeranyl-2,3',4',5'-tetrahydroxystilbene; 7.23), iroko, maakianin, benzoic acid, caffeic acid (1.14), ferulic acid (1.15), and vanillic acid (1.8) on the growth of Fusarium verticillioides and its production of the mycotoxin fumonisin B-1. The stilbene chlorophorin was the most effective compound in inhibiting fungal growth and in reducing toxin production. As a group these phenols reduced fumonisin levels by more than 90%. The authors suggested that the widespread occurrence of fumonisins and the lack of adequate prevention measures require 'biologically safe' alternatives to prevent the transfer of fungi and their hazardous toxins into foods.


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