The Development of Effective Drug Treatment for Convulsive Disorders

The first effective treatment of seizure disorders was the serendipitous finding in 1857 that potassium bromide could control seizures in some patients. Even though side effects were troublesome, the bromides were widely used for many years. Phenobarbital was introduced as a treatment for epilepsy in 1912 and was immediately shown to be markedly superior to bromides. While other barbiturates were synthesized and used, none were shown to be superior to phenobarbital, and the latter compound is still used. A chemically related nonbarbiturate, phenytoin, was discovered about 20 years later and also remains a valuable drug today. Approaches being used for the identification of new an-ticonvulsant drugs include the search for agents that block specific cationic channels in neuronal membranes, agents that enhance the activity of the inhibitory neuro-transmitter 7-aminobutyric acid (GABA), and agents that are capable of inhibiting the activity of the excitatory neurotransmitters glutamic and aspartic acids.

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