Table 142

Predominant Autonomic Tone at Various Neuroeffector Junctions and the Effect Produced by Ganglionic Blockade


Effect of Ganglionic Blockade

Tissues predominantly under parasympathetic (cholinergic) tone Myocardium

Atrium;S-A node Tachycardia Eye

Iris Mydriasis

Ciliary muscle Cycloplegia

GI tract Decrease in tone and motility; con stipation

Urinary bladder Urinary retention

Salivary gland Dry mouth

Tissues predominantly under sympathetic (adrenergic) tone


Ventricles Decrease in contractile force

Blood vessels

Arterioles Vasodilation; increase in peripheral blood flow;hypotension Veins Vasodilation; pooling of blood; de crease in venous return; decrease in cardiac output Sweat glandsa Decrease in secretion aAnatomically sympathetic; transmitter is ACh.

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