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^ Case Study HIV and Nutriceuticals

Jerome R. is HIV positive and has been taking saquinavir 1200 mg tid and zidovudine 200 mg tid for the past 8 months. During this time, his CD4 count raised from 200 cells/mm3 to 725 cells/mm3. Two months later, Mr. R returned to his physician with a severe herpes outbreak on one side of his face. His CD4 count had fallen to 280 cells/mm3. What happened?

Answer: Two months ago, Mr. R. began taking St. John's wort to counteract depression. St. John's wort is a potent inducer of intestinal and hepatic CYP3A4. Saquinavir undergoes extensive first-pass metabolism by intestinal CYP3A4 and is metabolized in the liver by CYP3A4. The use of St. John's wort is contraindicated for individuals taking pro-

tease inhibitors because it may decrease protease inhibitor concentrations to subtherapeutic levels, resulting in the loss of virological response and possible resistance to the protease inhibitor. In this case, it appears that saquinavir was no longer present at an effective concentration and the HIV virus became resistant to zidovudine. Discontinuation of St. John's wort and a change in treatment regimen, perhaps to two different NRTIs and an NNRTI, are in order. Mr. R's depression should be treated with a different agent. Many antidepressants are metabolized by cytochrome P450 systems; thus, a reduction in antidepressant dosage may be necessary because NNRTIs and protease inhibitors inhibit cytochrome P450 isoenzymes.

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