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^ Case Study Insulin Regimens

George Smith is taking insulin for the first time.

His physician prescribes 20 units NPH and 5 units regular insulin at breakfast, and 10 units NPH and 5 units regular insulin at dinner. After a few days, Mr. Smith begins to notice this approximate pattern in his blood sugar measurements:

8 a.m. (fasting), about 110; noon (before lunch), about 120; 5 p.m. (before dinner), about 55; bedtime, about 115.

When his blood sugar is about 55, he feels shaky and sweaty, but this goes away if he has something to eat. Which of the following changes would you recommend to his regimen?

Decrease his morning regular insulin Decrease his morning NPH insulin Stop evening insulin and add a sulfonylurea at bedtime

Have him eat a larger lunch Move his evening NPH insulin from supper time to bedtime

Answer: Mr. Smith should decrease his morning NPH insulin. Since on awakening his fasting glucose is in the normal range and after taking his morning regular insulin his blood glucose remains in the normal range, there is no need to adjust either his morning regular insulin or his bedtime NPH insulin. Regular insulin is short-acting and would not result in a 5 p.m. low glucose level. The longer-acting NPH insulin given in the morning would continue to lower glucose for the rest of the morning and afternoon, in this case resulting in excessive blood glucose at dinner time.


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