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Case Study Treatment of Nausea

You are filling in for a colleague who is on vacation when one of her patients makes an appointment to talk with you about his complaint. The patient is a 50-year-old man being treated for Hodgkin's disease using the MOPP regimen. The patient indicates that he was doing quite well until 2 days ago, when he began having nausea and vomiting that were "almost unbearable." The patient indicates that he is ready to terminate his treatment, since the side effects are quite severe, but he wants your opinion first.

You indicate that his regimen is the best available treatment and that the cure rate is excellent, but only if the treatment is continued. You suggest that other agents may help his nausea and vomiting. You prescribe ondansetron. After 2 days, the patient comes back and indicates that the drug decreased the nausea and vomiting but that he was developing severe dermatitis that he attributed to the new agent. You believe he is correct and prescribe chlorpromazine. He calls you the next week to tell you that the new drug worked and he will continue with his chemotherapy.

Antineoplastic Agents

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