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L All of the following types of cells are innervated by the autonomic nervous system EXCEPT:

(A) Smooth muscle of blood vessels

(B) Skeletal muscle

(C) Sinoatrial node

(D) Salivary glands

(E) Intestinal smooth muscle

2. All of the following structures have a significant cholinergic innervation EXCEPT:

(A) Ventricular wall

(B) Sinoatrial node

(C) Atrioventricular node

(D) Bladder

3. The radial smooth muscle of the iris is innervated by:

(A) Primarily sympathetic noradrenergic neurons

(B) Primarily sympathetic cholinergic neurons

(C) Primarily parasympathetic noradrenergic neurons

(D) Primarily parasympathetic cholinergic neurons

(E) Equally by sympathetic and parasympathetic neurons

4. The receptors on the skeletal muscle end plate respond to:

(A) Acetylcholine and muscarine

(B) Acetylcholine and nicotine

(C) Acetylcholine, muscarine, and nicotine

(D) Only muscarine of the three choices in C

(E) Only nicotine of the three choices in C

5. ^-Adrenoceptors are prominently involved in which one of the following?

(A) Cardiac acceleration

(B) Intestinal relaxation

(C) Cardiac contractility

(D) Presynaptic inhibition

(E) Vasoconstriction

6. Smooth muscle relaxation is most associated with which one of the following adrenoceptors?

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