Study Questions

1. Which drug, compared with the rest, would be expected to produce a significantly higher concentration of active metabolite in cells infected with its target virus?

(A) Cidofovir

(B) Foscarnet

(C) Oseltamivir

(D) Penciclovir

(E) Lamivudine

2. Which of the following drugs should not be given in combination with zidovudine because of an increased risk of myelosuppression?

(A) Ganciclovir

(B) Fomivirsen

(C) Rimantadine

(D) Famciclovir

(E) Zanamivir regions of a mouse monoclonal antibody. Palivizumab neutralizes RSV and inhibits its ability to fuse with host cell membranes. Resistant strains of RSV have been derived in vitro but have not been found in clinical isolates to date.

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