Study Questions

1. Selective ß2-agonists, such as terbutaline

(A) Have shorter durations of action than cate-cholamines when taken orally

(B) Have stronger cardiac stimulant effects than epinephrine

(C ) Can be taken orally because these agents are not degraded by COMT

(D) Are definitely no better than methylxanthines for asthmatic patients who are hypertensive.

2. Which drug does not induce mydriasis?

(A) Phenylephrine

(B) Cocaine

(C) Phentolamine

(D) Norepinephrine

(E) Ephedrine

3. Epinephrine given in small therapeutic doses

(A) Increases systolic blood pressure through ß2 receptor stimulation in the left ventricle

(B) Decreases heart rate reflexively.

(C) Decreases peripheral resistance through stimulation of ^-receptors on the vascular smooth muscle cells.

(D) Decreases peripheral resistance through (2-adrenoceptor stimulation predominantly in skeletal muscle vascular beds.

4. The pressor response to amphetamine is

(A) Decreased in the presence of a monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitor.

(B) Potentiated by a reuptake inhibitor, such as cocaine

(C) Associated with marked tolerance (tachyphy-laxis)

(D) Potentiated by pretreatment with reserpine

5. When phenylephrine is administered by slow infusion of the therapeutic dose, which is the most likely effect illustrated in the following table: increase (T); decrease (i);no change (0)?

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