Study Questions

1. When a patient is treated with a thiazide diuretic for hypertension, all of the following are likely EXCEPT:

(A) The fall of blood pressure that occurs in the first 2 weeks of therapy results from a decrease of extracellular volume.

(B) The sustained fall in blood pressure that occurs after several weeks of therapy is due to a decrease of intravascular resistance.

(C) After the blood pressure is reduced, hy-pokalemia remains a complication.

(D) Hyperuricemia may occur.

(E) Hypoglycemia may occur.

2. Furosemide increases the excretion of all of the following EXCEPT:

3. Which of the following drugs is an appropriate initial antihypertensive therapy in an otherwise healthy adult with mild hypertension?

(A) Bumetanide

(B) Triamterene

(C) Hydrochlorothiazide

(D) Aldactone

4. When furosemide is administered to a patient with pulmonary edema, there is often symptomatic relief within 5 minutes of starting treatment. This relief is primarily due to:

(A) A rapid diuretic effect

(B) An increase in venous capacitance

(C) A direct effect on myocardial contractility

(D) Psychological effects

5. All of the following statements are true regarding patients with renal insufficiency who exhibit a reduced diuretic response EXCEPT:

(A) When the GFR drops below 30 mL/minute, thiazide diuretics are virtually useless.

(B) The combination of a thiazide plus a potassium-sparing diuretic may yield an adequate diuretic response.

(C) An 80-mg dose of IV furosemide followed an hour later by a 500-mg dose of IV chlorothiazide will probably yield the highest possible response.

(D) Metolazone is contraindicated.

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