Study Questions

1. Which of the following statements describe why warfarin is not used to prevent blood coagulation in blood collection devices used at blood donating centers?

(A) Warfarin does not bind to plastic tubing or glass.

(B) The anticoagulant effect of warfarin occurs only in vivo.

(C) Warfarin is a prodrug, which must be activated in the liver into the active compound.

(D) The gastric enzymes needed to convert R-warfarin into S-warfarin are unstable near plastic.

(E) Warfarin is chemically unstable and is degraded unless made fresh and used immediately.

2. All of the following statements about warfarin are true EXCEPT which one?

(A) An adverse drug reaction may occur if warfarin is displaced from plasma protein binding sites.

(B) Warfarin crosses the placenta.

(C) Drugs that are metabolized by the liver can alter the anticoagulant effect of warfarin.

(D) Warfarin is eliminated from the body unchanged in the urine.

(E) Warfarin is a vitamin K antagonist.

3. Which of the following is an adverse effect associated with pharmacotherapy using heparin?

(A) An increase in the number of circulating platelets

(B) Thrombocytopenia

(C) Purple toe syndrome

(D) Teratogenicity to the fetus

(E) An increase in the circulating level of an-tithrombin III

4. Which of the following is a drug that blocks the ADP receptor on the antiplatelet membrane?

(A) Aspirin

(B) Abciximab

(C) Dipyridamole

(D) Clopidogrel

(E) Eptifibatide

5. The thrombolytic drug reteplase is improved over older drugs like streptokinase in what respect?

(A) Reteplase may be taken orally.

(B) Reteplase is antigenic.

(C) Reteplase binds to fibrin.

(D) Bleeding does not occur with reteplase.

(E) Reteplase produces less thrombocytopenia.

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