The neuromuscular effects of praziquantel (Biltricide) appear to increase parasite motility leading to spastic paralysis. The drug increases calcium permeability through parasite-specific ion channels, so that the tegmental and muscle cells of the parasite accumulate calcium. This action is followed by vacuolization and the exposure of hitherto masked tegmental antigens, lipid-anchored protein, and actin. Insertion of the drug into the fluke's lipid bilayer causes conformational changes, rendering the fluke susceptible to antibody- and complement-mediated assault.

Praziquantel is readily absorbed (80% in 24 hours) after oral administration, with serum concentrations being maximal in 1 to 3 hours; the drug has a half-life of 0.8 to 1.5 hours. Its bioavailability is reduced by pheny-toin or carbamazepine and increased by cimetidine. Dexamethasone decreases plasma praziquantel levels by 50%. Praziquantel is excreted by the kidneys.

Praziquantel is an extremely active broad-spectrum anthelmintic that is well tolerated. It is the most effective of the drugs used in the treatment of schistosomia-sis, possessing activity against male and female adults and immature stages. Unlike other agents, it is active against all three major species (S. haematobium, S. mansoni, and S. japonicum). In addition, it has activity against other flukes, such as C. sinensis, Paragonimus westermani, O. viverrini, and the tapeworms (D. latum, H. nana, T. saginata, and T. solium). It is not as effective against F. hepatica. It is used effectively in the treatment of clonorchiasis and paragonimiasis and is an effective alternative agent to niclosamide in the treatment of tapeworm infestations.

Adverse reactions tend to occur within a few hours of administration. They include gastrointestinal intolerance with nausea, vomiting, and abdominal discomfort. This may be due to the liberation of helminth proteins from dead worms rather than any direct effect of the drug.

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