Other Cytokines

Human recombinant interferon-a(rIFN-a) and rIL-1 also show promise as immunostimulators, principally as adjuvants in the treatment of viral and malignant disorders.

rIFN-a is produced by leukocytes and inhibits viral DNA and RNA replication. At lower doses, it can stimulate macrophages, T lymphocytes, and natural killer cell activity.

rIL-1 is produced by macrophages in the host and is necessary for activation and development of immune cells. Intravenous administration of rIL-1 is associated with the general augmentation of immune responses.

rIL-6 is a protein that stimulates lymphocyte and megakaryocyte proliferation. It is in clinical trials in patients with refractory cancer and myelodysplastic syndrome. Trials also are ongoing with rIL-3, a multipotent factor that stimulates the growth of monocytes, erythro-cytes, neutrophils, and megakaryocytes.

(C) Yes. The mother's immune system reacted against the baby's B cells. Fetal interferon^ should be given to augment the baby's humoral immunity.

(D) No. Immunotherapy is not necessary, since this is the first child.

(E) No. Immunotherapy would only have been necessary if the mother were Rh positive and baby Rh negative.

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