TABLE 23.3 Summary of Major Hypolipidemic Drugs

Hyperlipoproteinemia Treated


Reduced Lipoprotein CHD Risk Affected



Principal Adverse Effects


Bile acid-sequestering Yes resins

Reduces LDL

Reduces LDL

IIb with niacin

Myositis, liver dysfunction, rhabdomyolysis with cerivastatin GI distress, hyperchloremic acidosis

Nicotinic acid (niacin) Yes


Reduces LDL Reduces VLDL Raises HDL Reduces VLDL Reduces IDL Raises HDL

IIa, IIb IIb with fibrates;severe IV IV with fibrates

III, IV IIb with niacin; severe IV with niacin

Cutaneous flush, GI distress, liver dysfunction, hyperglycemia, hyperuricemia GI distress, myositis, gallstone risk, erectile dysfunction

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