9.5 g/dL

16 g/dL

13.5-17.5 g/dL

for routine monitoring of his blood count and liver function, he complained of general fatigue and exertion when walking. His hemoglobin, CBC, differential, and platelet counts are shown in the accompanying table. Which is the most likely explanation of any abnormality?

(A) Ribavirin decreases erythrocyte counts.

(B) Interferon-a-2b decreases erythrocyte counts.

(C) Interferon-a-2b elevates lymphocyte counts.

5. Oseltamivir's mechanism of action is generally believed to be

(A) Inhibition of a viral enzyme that aids the spread of virus through respiratory mucus and is required for the release of progeny virus

(B) Competitive inhibition of viral DNA poly-merase, which leads to early chain termination of the progeny of viral DNA

(C) Stimulation of the tyrosine kinase activity of the JAK-STAT signal transduction pathway, resulting in enhanced proliferation of immune cells

(D) Inhibition of the synthesis of GTP, which is required for viral genomic replication and is a cofactor for cellular enzymes required for viral replication

(E) Inhibition of the viral protease required for protein processing prior to assembly of progeny virions

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