Concentration-time profile for a hypothetical drug administered intravenously. Following intravenous dosing of a drug, blood concentrations of the drug reach a maximum almost immediately. Y-axis is logarithmic scale.

centration-time profile. Cmax is defined as the maximum concentration achieved in the blood. In Figure 5.2, Cmax can be estimated to be approximately 225 ^g/mL. The other pharmacokinetic parameter that can be easily estimated from a concentration-time profile is Tmax, or the time needed to reach maximum concentration. In Figure 5.2, the Tmax is estimated by visual inspection to be approximately 2 hours. The same drug in a formulation that permits a faster rate of absorption would have a shorter Tmax and generally a higher Cmax than the formulation with slower absorptive properties. Likewise, all other things being equal, a drug with a slower elimi

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