Drugs Affecting The Central Nervous System

24. Introduction to Central Nervous System Pharmacology 281

Charles R. Craig

25. General Anesthesia: Intravenous and Inhalational Agents 291

David J. Smith and Michael B. Howie

26. Opioid and Nonopioid Analgesics 310 Sandra P. Welch and Billy R. Martin

27. Local Anesthetics 330 J. David Haddox

28. Agents Affecting Neuromuscular Transmission 338

Michael D. Miyamoto

29. Central Nervous System Stimulants 348 David A. Taylor

30. Sedative-hypnotic and Anxiolytic Drugs 355

John W. Dailey

31. Drugs Used in Neurodegenerative Disorders 364

Patricia K. Sonsalla

32. Antiepileptic Drugs 374 Charles R. Craig

33. Drugs Used in Mood Disorders 385

Herbert E. Ward and Albert J. Azzaro

34. Antipsychotic Drugs 397 Stephen M. Lasley

35. Contemporary Drug Abuse 406

Billy R. Martin and William L. Dewey

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