PTH is a single-chain polypeptide composed of 84 amino acid residues that is devoid of disulfide bonds and has a molecular weight of 9500. Biological activity of the human hormone resides primarily in the amino terminal end of the protein (i.e., amino acids 1-34).This portion of PTH has full biological activity both in vivo and in vitro. Synthetic fragments of the 1-34 portion of the PTH molecule have been synthesized. A paraneoplastic hormone, PTH related peptide (PTHrP) has been identified, isolated, and synthesized. PTHrP is structurally homologous to the amino terminal portion of PTH and interacts with the PTH receptor in bone and kidney. This hormone is responsible for hypercal-cemia in certain forms of malignancy. It has been used as a therapeutic agent in osteoporosis in some clinical trials.

The Prevention and Treatment of Headaches

The Prevention and Treatment of Headaches

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