Chemistry and Pharmacokinetics

The analeptic stimulants are a diverse chemical class of agents ranging from plant alkaloids, such as picrotoxin and strychnine, to synthetic compounds, such as pentylenetetrazol and doxapram. The wide range of chemical structures makes this particular class somewhat difficult to categorize with respect to absorption, distribution, and metabolism. However, most analeptic stimulants can be absorbed orally and have short durations of action. The pharmacological effect of most of these compounds is terminated through hepatic metabolism rather than renal excretion of unchanged drug.

Bacterial Vaginosis Facts

Bacterial Vaginosis Facts

This fact sheet is designed to provide you with information on Bacterial Vaginosis. Bacterial vaginosis is an abnormal vaginal condition that is characterized by vaginal discharge and results from an overgrowth of atypical bacteria in the vagina.

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