LSD (lysergide) Psilocybin, psilocin DMT, mescaline DOM, STP

PCP (phencycli-

dine) Testosterone Nandrolone

Euphoria Heightened sensory perception Hallucinations and motor impairment at high doses Distortion of perception, mood, and thought

Severe CNS depression No acute behavioral effects




Sleep disturbances


Bronchitis Disruption of short-

term memory Impaired motor skills

Neurotoxicity Flashbacks Toxic psychosis PCP can be lethal

Liver damage Altered sex drive

Severity ratings: —, none;+, low;+ +, intermediate;+ + +, high;+ + + +, very high.

"Abuse potential: abuse liability, reinforcing property, drug-seeking, craving, psychological effect.

bIntoxication: acute pharmacological effects.

'Withdrawal: withdrawal signs, abstinence syndrome, physiological effect.

^Consequence: detrimental personal effect (health), negative societal effects (economic, social).

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