AReceptor Blocking Agents

The clinically important a-blockers fall primarily into three chemical groups: the haloalkylamines ( e.g., phe-

noxybenzamine), the imidazolines (e.g., phentolamine), and the quinazoline derivatives (e.g., prazosin). Of these three classes of a-adrenoceptor antagonists, the quina-zoline compounds are of greatest clinical utility and are emphasized in this chapter. The use of the haloalky-lamines and imidazolines has diminished in recent years because they lack selectivity for a1- and a2-receptors. Comparative information concerning the three chemical classes of antagonists is presented in Table 11.1

Dealing With Erectile Dysfunction

Dealing With Erectile Dysfunction

Whether you call it erectile dysfunction, ED, impotence, or any number of slang terms, erection problems are something many men have to face during the course of their lifetimes.

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