Adverse Effects

Skin rashes and pruritus are common adverse effects of the 4-aminoquinoline antimalarials, as are GI effects. The incidence of the most serious toxic reaction, irreversible retinopathy with resultant blindness, is dose related and can be minimized by maintaining a daily dose of hydroxychloroquine less than 6.5 mg/kg or chloroquine less than 4 mg/kg. Eye examinations should be performed regularly during treatment with these drugs. Severe hematological toxicity (neutropenia, thrombo-cytopenia, aplastic anemia) is rare. Reversible side effects observed during high-dose, long-term therapy with the aminoquinolines include lichenoid skin lesions, leukopenia, neuromyopathy, hair loss, sensitivity to sunburn, and changes in the electrocardiogram.

Hair Loss Prevention

Hair Loss Prevention

The best start to preventing hair loss is understanding the basics of hair what it is, how it grows, what system malfunctions can cause it to stop growing. And this ebook will cover the bases for you. Note that the contents here are not presented from a medical practitioner, and that any and all dietary and medical planning should be made under the guidance of your own medical and health practitioners. This content only presents overviews of hair loss prevention research for educational purposes and does not replace medical advice from a professional physician.

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