Adverse Effects Contraindications and Drug Interactions

Serious adverse reactions caused by palivizumab are rare. Mild erythema and pain may occur at the injection site. Although no anaphylactoid reactions have been reported to date, the possibility of this reaction exists because palivizumab is a protein.

3. Caitlyn Doe is a 24-year-old woman in her third month of pregnancy. She has had severe pain, swelling, and redness in both eyes for several days and has been unable to see well enough to go to work. Ms. Doe's physician diagnosed herpes simplex keratoconjunctivitis; the infection has spread deep into the surrounding tissues. Which drug is indicated for HSV keratoconjunctivitis but is least likely to harm the fetus?

(A) Cidofovir

(B) Docosanol

(C) Fomivirsen

(D) Acyclovir

(E) Ribavirin

4. Mitchell Jones, a 35-year-old man, began treatment for hepatitis C with interferon-a-2b and ribavirin (Rebetron) 4 weeks ago. On returning to his doctor

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