Trait Template

Table 11.1 offers the trait template as a means to understand goodness of fit.

As can be seen in the template, an opportunity is provided for the clinician to list the personality traits that he or she values and the traits that are particularly valued by the system of care in which the patient participates. The second and third columns provide space for describing traits of the clinician's ideal pa-tient(s) and traits of difficult patient(s). When using the trait template, consider the following issues:

■ List the dominant personality traits that are valued by your system of care or self.

■ List the dominant personality traits that describe your (the system's) favorite patients.

■ List the dominant personality traits that describe your (the system's) most difficult patients.

■ What do you recognize about the GOF between these two templates?

The examples that follow illustrate how the template works at the levels of the institutional system and the individual.

Table 11.1 The Trait Template as a Means to Understand Goodness of Fit

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