The Dramatic Emotional and Erratic Cluster B Personality Disorders and Aging

Cluster B Personality Disorders: Antisocial, Borderline, Histrionic, and Narcissistic


The four personality disorders in Cluster B are grouped together because they share similar core features of dramatic, theatrical, emotional, or erratic behavior, often with intense interpersonal strife as a result. Compared with the odd and withdrawn personality disorders in Cluster A, the Cluster B personality disorders often present with tumultuous and chaotic relationship histories and marked impul-sivity. People with these personality disorders typically affect others with whom they are in close relationships, sometimes in highly destructive ways. The themes in psychotherapy often center around interpersonal dissatisfaction, conflict, and turmoil. One could argue that the antisocial type is a poor fit for this particular cluster. Whereas the impulsivity of the antisocial type matches that of the other disorders in this grouping, especially the borderline type, the antisocial type is set apart by the striking absence of most normal emotional reactions (with the exception of intense anger). In contrast, the other three personality disorders in this assemblage are generally overly emotional and affective. The DSM-IV-TR diagnostic criteria for the four Cluster B personality disorders are described in the following subsections.

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