Risk factors, 159

Sadistic personality disorder, 138-143 age-bias of criteria, 142 clinical description, 138-141 pattern and impact, 142-143

Schizoid personality disorder, 36-44 age-bias of criteria, 37-38 case example, 39-44 clinical description, 36-37 pattern and impact, 38-39 Schizotypal personality disorder, 44-54 age-bias of criteria, 46 case example, 48-54 clinical description, 44-46 pattern and impact, 47-48 Schneider, Kurt, 10 Self-constancy, 295-296 Self-defeating personality disorder, 143-147 age-bias of criteria, 144-145 clinical description, 143-144 pattern and impact, 145-147 Self-report objective personality instruments, 240-251 Coolidge Axis II Inventory (CATI),

245-247 Millon Clinical Multiaxial

Inventory-III (MCMI-III), 242-244

Minnesota Multiphasic Personality

Inventory-2 (MMPI-2), 247-249 NEO Personality Inventory-Revised,

(NEO PI-R), 249-250 Personality Diagnostic Questionnaire-Fourth Edition Plus (PDQ-4+), 244-245

Semi-structured clinical interviews, 251-262

Social support, buffering effects of, 20 Somatic treatment, 278-281 Stability versus changes, 163-168 Suicide, rates, 4

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