In loving memory of my grandfather and hero, Samuel H. Segal, who always believed in me and my potential.

To the newest joys in my life, my grandbabies, Melissa, Allison, and Ryan.

To the memory of my father, William Cohen. Pa lived to 103 and did old age so very well.


Foreword xi

Preface xvii

Acknowledgments xix

Chapter 1_

Introduction to Personality Disorders and Aging 1

The Demographics of Aging 2

Mental Health and Aging: The Big Picture 3

Overview of Personality and Personality Disorder 5

History of the Personality Disorder Category 8

Modern Conceptualizations 10

The DSM-IV-TR Personality Disorders 12 Challenges Associated with Personality

Disorder Psychopathology 15

Conclusions 19

About This Book 20

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