Hidden symptoms, 237 Hippocrates, 8

Histrionic personality disorder, 81-92

age-bias of criteria, 83-84 case example, 85-92 clinical description, 81-83 pattern and impact, 84-85 Horney, Karen, 198-206 Humanistic approach, 197-198

Inadequate personality disorder, 155-158 age-bias of criteria, 157 clinical description, 155-157 pattern and impact, 157-158 Incidence, 159

International Personality Disorder Examination (IPDE), 254-256 Interpersonal psychotherapy, 283 Interview with informant, 239-240 Invisibility of personality disorders, 275

Labile personality, 10

Later life, definition of, 2

Long-term care settings, suicide and, 4

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