Goodness of Fit Model

"Goodness of fit" (GOF) is suggested here as describing the relationship between the patient (i.e., client or resident) to the care provider or context of care. Four premises are proposed as underlying the GOF model:

1. Each personality trait lies along a continuum where, by its point on this continuum, it can be identified as suggesting a personality style or a disorder.

2. The composite of these traits establishes a personality trait profile, or template, which can be identified as suggesting a personality style or a disorder.

3. The clinician or care provider, or context of care, favor certain personality traits and devalue certain others. Those that are valued are moved along the continuum toward the style pole, whereas those that are devalued, or negatively regarded, are moved toward the disorder pole.

4. The GOF between the individual and the provider or context of care affects whether a person is diagnosed with a personality disorder and the type of treatment offered.

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