Other Personality Disorders and Aging: Sadistic, Self-Defeating, Depressive, Passive-Aggressive, and Inadequate 137

Personality Disorders in DSM-III-R Appendix A and in DSM-IV-TR Appendix B

Sadistic Personality Disorder: DSM-III-R Appendix A 138 Self-Defeating Personality Disorder: DSM-III-R

Appendix A 143 Depressive Personality Disorder: DSM-IV-TR

Appendix B 148 Passive-Aggressive Personality Disorder: DSM-IV-TR Appendix B 151

Inadequate Personality Disorder—A Manifestation of

Frontal Lobe Syndrome? 155

Inadequate Personality Disorder 155

Community and Psychiatric Samples 160 The Debate about Stability versus Change for the

Personality Disorders 163 Epidemiology and Gender 168

Course and Prognosis for the Personality Disorders 169 Comorbidity: General Issues 175

Comorbidity of Personality Disorders with Clinical Disorders and with other Personality Disorders 176 Personality Disorders and Dementia 181 Conclusions 183

Epidemiology and Comorbidity

Epidemiology of Personality Disorders in Later Adult Life

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