Acute medical settings, suicide and, 4 Affectionless personality, 10 Aging:

demographics of, 2-3 and mental health, 3-5 stressors of, 1-2 Anankastic personality, 10 Anorexia nervosa, 17 Antisocial personality disorder, 56-66

age-bias of criteria, 57-58 case example, 60-66 clinical description, 56-57 pattern and impact, 59-60 Anxiety disorders, 3-4 Aristotle, 8 Assessment, 229-263

chart/record review, 232-234 Assessment of personality disorders, 229-263. See also specific disorders Attention-seeking personality, 10 Avoidant personality disorder, 104-113 age-bias of criteria, 106 case example, 108-113 clinical description, 104-105 pattern and impact, 106-108

Conquering Fear In The 21th Century

Conquering Fear In The 21th Century

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