The Minimizing Antisocial Personality and Frame of Reference

Still studying the art of psychotherapy that she would begin to practice in her second year, Jenna sat in with an experienced clinician conducting therapy with a group of prisoners, most of whom had been diagnosed as antisocial personalities. Gradually, their cognitive core beliefs and distortions became evident. Defending his actions in the outside world, one convict protested, "Look, you're either a goody-goody or you're out for yourself in this world, and everyone I've ever known has been out for themselves. Taking advantage from those kind of people ain't so bad." Many of the others nodded in agreement. Jenna, however, was immediately able to recognize two self-serving cognitive distortions: dichotomous thinking and minimization. Moreover, by constructing the world so that everyone was "out for themselves," the speaker was essentially able to justify taking advantage of anyone.

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    What is the frame of reference for personality disorders?
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