The Difficult Roommate Personality and Interpersonal Conflict

A quiet, easygoing sophomore presented to the university counseling center complaining about her roommate, who, she stated, was literally driving her crazy. She frequently came back from classes to find that her favorite dress had somehow fallen off its hanger, her phone messages had been "accidentally" erased, and even bookmarks had been pulled out and reinserted in the wrong pages. Her roommate denied everything, asserting, "You're just a paranoid, get over it." But what really disturbed her was that, despite every attempt to get along, her roommate seemed to work hard at taking offense, resented her academic success and social skills, and would sometimes sigh in annoyance whenever she made the slightest noise. Such irritable temperament is frequently associated with the negativistic (passive-aggressive) personality.

Anxiety and Depression 101

Anxiety and Depression 101

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