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Other selected issues

The assessment of personality poses special problems because to obtain a satisfactory account of a individual's personality, however the concept is defined, requires much more than the views of that individual additional accounts of personal development and relationships from relatives or close friends are needed for comparison. Current concepts of personality disorders as listed in ICD-10 and DSM-IV also have serious limitations the problems are well illustrated by a recent large international collaborative study co-ordinated by the WHO, using the International Personality Disorder Examination (IPDE). (69) Several hours of skilled interviewing are required, with at least two informants, to cover the content of the items that are needed to identify the disorders of adult personality contained in both the above classifications. This study and others with similar aims have found that if an individual fulfils the criteria for one disorder of personality, they are quite likely to fulfil...

Professional Practice

Videos of consultations can be used as a teaching aid to illustrate certain techniques or as a way to assess current practice. Reflective practice is a vital part of personal development. This is essential in developing and supporting practice, as perceived and actual communication can vary (37).

The Evolutionary Neurodevelopmental Perspective

Although the family forms the proximal environment in which temperament and the forces of socialization interact, other authors have recognized the sociocultural environment as a powerful but indirect influence on personal development. As noted by Paris (1994b), society varies in terms of its level of integration over time. Individuals who grow up in an integrated society are protected somewhat from developing borderline traits. In contrast, those who grow up in the context of a disintegrating society are more frequently led down pathways that encourage borderline behavior. Our own society, he argues, expects the individual to function independently even while levels of social support and efforts to contain deviant behavior are decreasing. The net effect is an increase in impulsiveness, substance abuse, and, ultimately, other behaviors characteristic of the borderline, such as self-mutilation and suicidal gestures.

The therapist

The therapist is responsible to the group, and to the institution in which it is set, for achieving and maintaining professional competence, and he or she should have a level of training appropriate to the task. A formal qualification in psychotherapy is the ideal training. This will have included theory, personal therapy for the therapist, and clinical supervision. Mental health professionals from all disciplines make an active contribution to a rich and diverse service with the training requirements of theory and supervision arranged at their workplace. The opportunity to run a group is provided in most psychiatric and psychology training programmes. Many centres and training institutions offer training in group methods, and several are wholly committed to the training of group therapists who have their own professional associations in the United Kingdom and internationally, some of which are recognized by the National Health Service and other employing bodies. Private once- or...

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