Voiding Diary

Gamal M. Ghoniem and Usama M. Khater

The voiding diary is a record of micturition behavior completed by the patient. Although not frequently used, it is among the best possible means of obtaining objective data on subjective symptoms.1 The International Continence Society (ICS) recommends the inclusion of voiding diaries in the clinical assessment of patients with lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS).2 There are various terms or types of voiding diaries such as micturition time or frequency charts, frequency volume charts, and bladder or urinary diaries. Frequency charts were introduced in 1972 to evaluate the effects of sacral nerve root section on LUTS in a group of patients with detrusor instability.3 The patient was asked to record each daytime or nighttime void with an "X" in the appropriate area of the chart, for 7 days (Figure 14-1.1). Versions of the early chart required the patient to record the volumes voided, estimated fluid intake in cups or mugs, and the number of incontinence pads used per day.4 Recently, computerized voiding diaries have been developed.

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