Multichannel Cystometry

During multichannel cystometry, concurrent measurements of intravesical (Pves), abdominal (Pabd), and urethral pressures (Pura) are performed (Figure 3-2.3). Detrusor pressure (Pdet) is estimated by subtracting Pabd from Pves. Electromyography (EMG) is also monitored.

Intravesical pressure represents the action of two forces acting upon the bladder: Pdet and Pabd (Figure 3-2.4). Detrusor pressure is a component of Pves that is created by passive and active forces in the bladder wall. Passive forces are produced by the viscoelastic property of the bladder wall, and active forces are created by detrusor contraction and tone. Exterior forces act upon the bladder as Pabd. Therefore, Pves = Pdet + Pabd, and Pdet = Pves - Pabd. In a nearly empty bladder, Pdet = 0 as in the situation Pves = Pabd (Pabd may be slightly greater than Pves because of rectal balloon compliance).

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