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Several menopause-related changes in sexual function occur that have been described in the literature: diminished sexual responsiveness, dyspareunia, decreased sexual activity, decrease in sexual desire, and a dysfunctional male partner. Sarrel29 described the underlying cause of biological changes that occurred with sexual dysfunction to be estrogen deficiency. The postmenopausal ovary has been shown to be responsible for up to 50% of the testosterone believed to be associated with libido. Many clinicians believe that a combination of both estrogen and testosterone is required to improve female sexual function.

The effect of menopause on vaginal physiology has been described. There is a pronounced decrease in pelvic blood flow. This in turn results in a thinning of the vaginal mucosa and loss of the normal microbial environment. With the loss of estrogen, there is change in the integrity of the vaginal tube, making it less compliant for coitus. Lubrication is also compromised because of loss of estrogen. This has been confirmed with studies demonstrating that these factors will improve with local estrogen cream over time.

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Natural Cures For Menopause

Natural Cures For Menopause

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