Efficacy of Biofeedback Literature Review

When interpreting the reported clinical outcomes, one should keep in mind that there are no established guidelines regarding the number of sessions, teaching methods, clinician qualifications, type of equipment used, or patient inclusion criteria, nor are there subjective or objective data used to establish success. Hyman et al.4 reported in their critical review that perhaps most importantly, there is no identified standard for training biofeedback clinicians to treat pelvic floor disorders. As with any therapy, the competence of the clinician is likely to have a significant impact on the outcome of treatment.4 Norton and Kamm2 reported that many patients lack the motivation or are unconvinced about the possible value of what they perceive to be simple exercises; therefore, the results of treatment are largely patient dependent, unlike drug or surgical therapy. Gilliland et al.5 reported that patient motivation and willingness to comply with treatment protocols was the most important predictor of success. We fully agree with that premise.

Biofeedback Mastery

Biofeedback Mastery

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