Application of Voiding Diaries in the Assessment of Voiding Dysfunction Treatment

In addition to providing baseline measurements before treatment, voiding diaries can be used to evaluate the progress and efficacy of treatment. Recently, new medica-

Figure 14-1.6. The published voiding diary papers.

tions for treatment of LUTS, including overactive bladder, have been developed in clinical trials. All of these medications are directed at symptom improvement; therefore, patient-completed voiding diaries are often used in evaluation of the effectiveness of these drugs.17,18 This application also explains the recent increase in number of published studies making use of the voiding diary (Figure 14-1.6).

Voiding diaries can be used to evaluate treatment modalities other than pharmacotherapy, such as surgery and behavioral therapy. For example, they can provide a baseline assessment before anti-incontinence surgery, and evaluate outcome after the procedure. With behavioral therapy, changes and improvement occur gradually because of learning and the time it takes to strengthen muscles. These gradual changes are often unnoticed by the patient, but are measured and documented objectively in the diary. Objective feedback about such small changes can help the patient maintain the motivation and persistence needed for a successful outcome.

est. The total voided volume over 24 hours was between 325 and 2100mL.

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