The Interplay Of Mood And Cognition In Pd

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Depression may mimic dementia, and vice versa. Determining if a patient is suffering from one or the other, or both, may be challenging, since both diagnoses are relatively common in PD. Furthermore, when the two entities coexist, depression may make existing cognitive deficits appear worse than they really are and lead to excess disability, that is, functional impairment greater than would be expected from PD or depression alone. Also, as cognitive impairment progresses, it can be increasingly difficult to recognize a depressive disorder, because of difficulty in accessing the individual's internal affective state.

To explore the complex relationship between mood and cognition in the context of PD, it is necessary to start with looking at how depression affects cognition in non-PD populations, then how PD itself affects cognition, and finally how the depression and cognitive impairment together can interact in PD.

Depression and Cognition

In patients with MDD but who do not have PD or dementia, depression often produces hesitancy in answering

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