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Parkinson's legacy encompasses not only medical works such as the well known Essay on the Shaking Palsy, but also a diverse assortment of writings on politics, medical care, chemistry, and geology. Although these writings provide insight into Parkinson's character, no portrait of him exists. A plaque designates his house in Hoxton Square, now a factory site, and an inscribed marble tablet, a gift by St. Leonard's Hospital to commemorate his bicentennial in 1955, can be seen in St. Leonard's Church.132 Several pieces from his fossil collection are in possession of the British Museum of Natural History.32 His Essay on the Shaking Palsy is nearly impossible to find in original, although several reprints exist. Other writings can be found in libraries and among antiquarians. These writings share the same sense of combined clarity, humility, and competence revealed in the celebrated Essay. Charcot's proclivity for eponyms introduced the term Parkinson's disease, a name that has retained its place of continued honor in modern neurology.

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