Charcot on the Terminal Events of Parkinsons Disease

All About Parkinson's Disease

All About Parkinson's Disease

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Charcot details the events leading to death in patients with Parkinson's disease.

The affection pursuing its course, the difficulty of movement increases, and the patients are obliged to remain, the whole day long, seated on a chair, or are altogether confined to the bed. Then, nutrition suffers, especially the nutrition of the muscular system. There may supervene, as I have twice observed, a genuine fatty wasting of the muscles. At a given moment, the mind becomes clouded and the memory is lost. General prostration sets in, the urine and feces are passed unconsciously, and eschars appear upon the sacrum. In such cases, the patients succumb to the mere progress of their disease, by a sort of exhaustion of the nervous system; and it is perfectly true, as several authors have remarked, that at this terminal period the tremor, however intense it was before, is frequently seem to diminish and even to dis-appear.12, p. 149

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