A single application of 24h of Tenutex™ (benzylbensoate 22.5%, disulfiram 2% in a cream base) has proven 100% effective (Landegren et al. 1979). This is properly done by generous application of the cream all over the body below the neck. A single dose of ivermectin is reported to be effective (Tzenow et al. 1997). As the infection is transferred by close body contact, spouse and children should be treated, even when no symptoms have occurred (incubation period = three weeks). Fox scabies is caused by a variant of the same agent that causes human scabies, Sarcoptes scabiei. Handling infested foxes may cause a transient, local infestation of man, but the parasite will not be able to multiply in human skin; thus no active antiparasitic treatment is necessary.

Figure 24.6 Pediculosis pubis: if the examining doctor has a low grade of suspicion, the diagnosis might easily be missed. The lice are often difficult to see and are often mistaken for small crusts. (See Colour Plate IX.)

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