Staining procedure

Carried out in a fume cupboard using gloves. Set up seven staining (Coplin) jars as shown in Figure 33.2.

1 Prepare a very thin smear from about 10^l specimen; allow to dry.

2 Methanol: 5min, to fix smear.

3 Stain in Trichrome blue for 90min.

4 Carefully remove excess stain with absorbent tissue.

5 Decolourize smears in acid-alcohol, about 5s.

6 Rinse quickly in 95% ethanol.

7 95% ethanol: 5min.

8 Absolute ethanol: 10min.

9 Histoclear: 10min.

10 Mount the specimen under a coverglass with DPX; allow to dry. Protect the mounted specimen against light.

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