Staining of smears

Prepare 5% Giemsa dilution every time a batch of slides is stained. Single slides may be stained on a staining rack, several slides in a staining jar. For single slides dilute 1ml Giemsa stock stain with 19ml phosphate buffer pH 7.2; for several slides dilute 5ml Giemsa stain with 95ml buffer.

1 Fix smears in absolute methanol in a staining jar with lid for 30s.

2 Stain the slides with Giemsa dilution for 20min.

3 Carefully rinse off stain under running water, either from a squeeze bottle or under the tap. Never direct the water jet directly at the smear.

4 Allow the slide to dry in an upright position.

Examine under immersion oil or mount under a coverslip with DPX.

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