• Absolute methanol, acetone free.

• Giemsa stock solution. This may be prepared locally but commercially produced stain is more satisfactory: place 3.8g Giemsa stain, 250ml methanol and 250ml glycerol in a glass bottle with a few beads. Mix well at intervals over a day until the stain is dissolved. Leave the stain in a warm place. Ready for use the next day but improves on keeping.

• Phosphate buffer pH 7.2: dissolve 1g disodium hydrogen phosphate, Na2HPO4 (or 2.5g Na2HPO4 ■

12H2O) and 0.7g potassium dihydrogen phosphate, KH2PO4 in distilled water; make the volume up to 1l. Check the pH.

Ready prepared buffer tablets pH 7.2 to be dissolved in distilled water can be obtained from, for example, Merck, BDH, Gurr, etc.

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