1 Place the slide in fixing solution for 10min. The latter should be remixed before the slide is inserted.

2 Wash the slide in a staining jar under a running tap.

3 Stain in Toluidine blue O solution for 4-5min. Each slide must now be treated one at a time.

4 Remove excess stain around the preparation and from the back of the slide with absorbent tissue.

5 Rinse away excess stain by dipping the slide three times in each of two staining jars containing isopropanol.

6 Dip the slide in Histoclear until the preparation clears.

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7 Allow the slide to remain in a further jar containing Histoclear until all slides have reached point 7.

8 Wipe away excess Histoclear and mount under a coverslip with DPX whilst the preparation is still damp. Allow to dry.

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