Pretreatment of clinical material

Faeces; the investigation is done on unconcentrated faeces fixed in formalin or SAF fixative. Very thin faeces are centrifuged for 5min at 1800g and the deposit used to make a smear.

Urine; about 10ml urine is centrifuged at 1800g for 10min. Discard the supernatant and mix the deposit with a few drops of 10% formalin.

Sputum and BAL specimens; the specimens are treated as for demonstration of Pneumocystis carinii except inactivation is done with 10% formalin instead of methanol.

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Figure 33.2 Set up of staining jars for trichrome blue stain. Change contents of jars 3-6 each time slides are processed. Change methanol once a week and Histoclear after about 30 slides. The trichrome blue can be used as long as the spores stain correctly, usually for about 30 slides.

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