Pediculosis corporis or vestimenti

Although during the 1940s this parasite was the cause of great problem among refugees and other people living in crowded communities, this variant is now rare. Sporadic cases

Figure 24.7 Pediculosis capitis: usually in young people the lice cause itching bite marks, especially in the nape region. The lice themselves are often difficult to discover, but the nits (Swedish: gnetter) should always be possible to identify. (See Colour Plate X.)
Figure 24.8 Pediculosis corporis or vestimenti: the lice do not live on the body but in the clothes, but they bite and feed on human skin. The clothing should be treated by thorough cleaning, not the patient! (Photo: Leif Strandberg). (See Colour Plate XI.)

are, however, seen among 'tramps' and other persons living in very poor situations (Figure 24.8).

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