Microsporidia in the North

Microsporidia are common parasites in all parts of the world where they have been looked for, but no country has a well-known fauna. They are also common in the northern countries, with a high proportion of species new to science (Larsson 1983a, 1988, 1999; Widtmann 1990; Bylen 1994). Recent investigations have treated E. cuniculi, a wide-spread parasite of various mammals (Petri 1969; Nordstoga 1972; Waller 1979), microsporidia associated with AIDS (Hojlyng et al. 1993), Nosema apis, the important cosmopolitan parasite of honey bees (Fries 1988), Thelohania contejeani, destructive to crayfish (Skurdal et al. 1990; Gydemo and Westin 1988), Pleistophora mirandellae, and other fish parasites (Pekkarinen 1995).

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